Swanky Wine Bar Brewpub With a Vintage Jazz-Era Vibe

San Francisco is a place where the spirit of film has lived and breathed through our beautiful architecture and history.  Our city embraced its role openly as Humphrey Bogart’s muse for Dark Passage and The Maltese Falcon, while Alfred Hitchcock found relaxation in our city.  Vacationing many times in San Francisco it was no surprise that he chose it to be the home of Vertigo.

In the first meetings with the owner of Noir Lounge, a set of directive concepts were thrown out: Art Deco, Jazz Era, Speak-Easy and Film Noir. The branding process began by assigning different construction attributes to each of the concepts. Shape from Art Deco inspired jewelry, flat black as in a pressed tuxedo worn in jazz clubs, a upside down bottle imitating on a key hole, as well as emphasizing wine and silver under glow of the lights gleaming through for Film Noir. The completed design was  representative of all the concepts, yet stands as a contemporary compilation. Structurally the Brand can be seen as a separate Icon and a joined Icon and name.

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