Lime Circle Creative relaunches Geochic’s award winning publication is an upscale fashion and travel destination that celebrates global style, beauty and culture. They examine how global trends drive fashion, impact culture and shape the lifestyles of consumers around the world. Geochic appeals to those seeking a fresh, global perspective on fashion, beauty, travel, cuisine, music, literature and art. 
In deciding to go digital-only, Geochic approached us to create an experience that transforms the best of the physical reading experience to digital and identify ways to present content that were more engaging than on the printed page. Paywalls, click through galleries and articles with 20 pages of pagination have become the norm for the online publishing business model, but are incredibly frustrating for users. One of our greatest challenge was to create a user-forward environment while meeting the demands of advertisers.  
Geochic’s new digital environment now connects its growing audience around the world and personalizes the user’s experience. Advertisers are able to upload full-page high impact ads and geo-target consumers in top U.S. markets. National Advertisers can reach a national audience or consumers in multiple regions. Local Advertisers can geo-target consumers in any city in the U.S.A. We created an algorithm that displays ads based on user engagement.