San Francisco’s Premier Metal Service Provider

Bay Shore Metals is an institution in metal supply and fabrication in the San Francisco bay area, servicing both large construction orders as well as small custom designs. The brand needed to represent the stability of a this long standing business as well as a new progressive style of “metal boutique”. Imagery of the iconic Golden Gate bridge was stylized and simplified to make an immediate impression while balancing it subtly with the name itself. This particular branding included shirts, business cards, web design and photography.

The owners have expressed the need for an easy to learn Content Management system so the website was built on the wordpress platform. Careful styling of the template with full screen hi-resolution images and integration of rearranging galleries shows Bay Shore Metals as a rethought type of metal supplier with in the elegant UI. We wanted to represent direct solutions for the visitors because the owner pride in organization and clear representation of their products, services, and process.

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